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The Hive Art Community is a living space and a DIY art platform for artistic experimentation and dialogue. We bring together communities of artists and curators to exchange their interdisciplinary practices, hold conversations, and collaborate. 


Hive promotes artistic experimentation as a living form and a form of living inspired by a broad range of artistic voices that co-create and build a community. Similar to bees, each of us has their own paths with their meanings, rhythms and systems. Bee-ing together transforms us. We stand in relation to each other, we provide multilayered contexts to each other, we intersect and build new meanings. 


By supporting a range of artistic expressions, including live performance, video, visual art, installation, new media art, poetry Hive Art Community provides an opportunity for artists from various artistic disciplines to have a meaningful dialogue to enrich their artistic practice. 


The Hive Art Community is an inclusive space that celebrates artists of various backgrounds and abilities including immigrant and international artists, POC, LGBTQIA, non-binary, and differently-abled members to join our community and apply to the open calls and art events that announced through a subscription newsletter and social media platforms.


The Hive

Art Community

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