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Saturday & Sunday, April 18th & 25th , 2021
7-9 pm EST
Online via Zoom
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This month, we launch the Live Art Support Fund to further offer financial support to the artists and curators. We wish to compensate the artists for their labor, especially during these trying times. We would be grateful for your donation of any amount. Your contribution will support performance artists and ensure future events at The Hive Art Community. 
Please check out our Live Art Support Fund here. We really appreciate your donations and kind hearts!!!!



"Re:Vive" is an online performance art series inspired by Women History Month. In the midst of this unprecedented break of live performances, ‘Re:Vive!” offers artists a virtual community platform that focuses on deepening the understanding of bodily representation. We bring together eight female-identified and queer artists: Arantxa Arjuno, Erica Grassman, Gaby Bila Gunther, Jaguar Mary, Lariel Joy, Laura Hyunjhee Kim, Murta Azul, Romina Gonzales





























Today we feel the urgent need to rethink the past and stories we tell about ourselves to the world and our place in it. The narratives about female and queer artists in history are often associated with erasure. Indeed, multiple stories are still silenced and invisible but they can’t be erased. According to Feminist Theorist Karen Barad, there is no inherently determinate relationship between past, present, and future. While rethinking causality Karen Barad makes a bold statement saying: ”The fantasy of erasure is not possible, but possibilities for reparation exist. Erasure is not what is at issue. The sedimenting effects, the traces of the past cannot be erased. The memory of materializing effects is written into the world.” 


The past, like the future, is open to changes. In this sense, the memory, which has always been seen as a matter of the past, will be recreated every time while it is invoked and we have an active role in it. Living in the present time gives us the mobility to review the traces of the past and to construct the narratives of the history and of experiences. This act of reconfiguring becomes our response-ability.  


 While keeping in mind the importance of the current moment that we all live in and the weight of losses and realizations that took place last year we recognize that what is really at stake now is response-ability. Response-ability not as a right response, but rather a matter of inviting, welcoming, and enabling the response of “Other”. 


The second edition of the online performance series “Re: Vive!” brings together eight female-identified and queer artists to invite a range of possible responses. We ask questions about the conditions of response-ability that include specific experiences, practices, histories and re-workings that bond us together. As female-identified and queer artists, thinkers and cultural producers we cultivate moments of growing consciousness while paying attention to the body. We believe that listening to our bodies initiates passages to rework im/possibilities and evoke response-abilities to be able to live with differences that initiate meaningful changes.


"Re: Vive!" is a part of Virtual Matter(s) online performance art series that focuses on deepening the understanding of bodily representation in a realm of the virtual. The second edition of “Re: Vive!” is inspired by Women's History Month. We welcome those powerful minds who identify as female and queer artists to show live and video performances on April 18th and 25th, 7-9 pm.  





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