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Press Release: 2020 show


"Touching Without Touch" at the Hive Art Community


"Touching Without Touch" is a group show at the Hive Art Community and a series of performances online that respond to the current events of pandemic and reflect on the expression of care for oneself and our communities, health care, alternative ways to provide and receive mental support, care for art and art education that are essential to a functioning society and desire for social and systemic change.


Touch suggests a broad range of physical, intellectual, and emotional connections. It is also a form of care for oneself and others. Artists in this show contemplate and tell their personal stories on "Touching Without Touch" and ways to practice and show care while socially distanced. Artists respond to the current events when one is forced to live and cope with political agendas that do not support the health and well being of citizens. By looking closer at a history of objects that they live with, artists highlight the root of past oppressions that are so vivid in gestures and mottos of the present moment.


We are encumbered, overwhelmed, weighed down by the reality of a new normal that urges us to find ways to cope, connect, and touch others. In this climate, spirituality becomes a necessity, not a luxury. We decay in loneliness and find hope in care and mental support for oneself and others. We create cocoons of isolation and contemplation, dissolve, and coming back together. Artists build protection symbols, objects, and micro-environments to find safety and power within one's own gestures during these uncertain times. They explore new means of archiving oneself and performing on social media to stay in touch with the outside world despite the lack of physicality. 



Vivian Babuts

Live Performace "Hagiographies"

Vivian Babuts is a Brooklyn based artist working in photography, video, drawing, writing and performance. They received their MFA from California Institute of the Arts, Photo & Media Program, where they included Dance Theater among their studies. Vivian received their BFA from the University of Michigan, with a concentration in Photography and Painting. Through performances, movement studies, and often utilizing the genre of self-portraiture within the visual arts, their work investigates queerness and existence in relationship to illusory paradigms. Their work has been exhibited and performed in New York and Los Angeles and they have received awards from Light Work Grants in Photography and the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art. They are currently a Part-time Faculty member at Parsons School of Design in New York City. 

Jacqueline Bishop

"Touching History Series"


Jacqueline Bishop is an accomplished visual artist with exhibitions in Belgium, Morocco, Italy, Cape Verde, Niger, USA and Jamaica, Ms. Bishop was a 2008-2009 Fulbright Fellow to Morocco; the 2009-2010 UNESCO/Fulbright Fellow. In addition to the OCM Bocas Award, Bishop has received several additional awards, including The Canute A. Brodhurst Prize for short story writing, The Arthur Schomburg Award for Excellence in the Humanities from New York University, A James Michener Creative Writing Fellowship, as well as several awards from the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission.


When Jacqueline was a child growing up in the Caribbean her great grandmother, her grandmother, my mother and all the women around her had extensive mahogany cabinets with these China planes in them with beautiful paintings in them that Jacqueline was always attracted to. Looking back now she realized that these luxurious paintings obscured a pretty violent historical past that has often been obscured because of the lush tropical setting in which the past took place. In these works then she is literally going back to touch that history. If you look at the works too Touch is literal with people actually touch one another.

Sunny-Moxin Chen

Video+Live Performance "Breathing"


Moxin Chen is an interdisciplinary artist who combine traumatic memories with imagination to investigate and construct new forms and spaces in their art. They brings the arena of life, both physical and mental, onto the two dimensional plane or into the three dimensional space to allow audiences to perceive in the fourth dimension and beyond. Through exploring relationships between color, body, material, and space, Chen challenges their works to break and rebridge the boundaries between the private and public. Chen's interdisciplinary art approaches allow them to vigorously experiment and address issues include but not limit to migration, displacement, and disassociation. As a global citizen, who grew up in Russia, China, and the U.S., Chen also works with symbols that indicate and respond to the consciousness of the personal, cultural, and universal. 

Chen received BFA degree in Painting and Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and currently a MFA candidate of Boston University.

Elena Chestnykh


Watercolor and ink on paper 

Mortar, pigment, resin  


This series of watercolor paintings illustrate a gaze into oneself in the absence of another's gaze, the volatility, and instability of moods, but also attempts of self-acceptance and self-empowering. Therefore, I see the painting and Facebook posts as two complementary parts of the same installation Me/Others.

These posts, on the one hand, is my personal story, of an artist who ended up in a hotel room in another country for the time of the quarantine, while on the other hand, they reveal all the problems that everyone experienced in this period: anxiety and fears about self, loved ones and the world; a feeling of helplessness, frustration, boredom, difficulty in determining one's position or opinion about what is happening in society, attempts to rethink one's identity and professional activity in the rapidly changing world, the search for new ways of self-expression and interaction with others. But it also reveals attempts to cope with the situation and find a positive approach relying on the community, work, art, humor, support of loved ones, and self. This impossibility of direct communication suddenly and revealed how important we are to each other and that we define ourselves through communication and interaction.

Sarah Dineen

Protection from Loss of Voice Shield (pink) 

Protection from Loss of Voice Helmet (pink) 


Sarah Dineen is a painter based in New York City. She holds a BFA from Montserrat College of Art and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York. She has shown her work widely in the United States and Germany, including Pulse Contemporary Art Fair, New York, Denise Bibro Gallery, New York, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, New York, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, Edward Hopper House Museum, Nyack, Cape Cod Museum of Art, Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Direktorenhaus and Johanssen Gallery in Berlin. 


During the pandemic, while touch has been cut off or severely limited, these objects can be stand-ins for connection and safety. Embedded within them is the presence and comfort of another's touch. Their materiality looks and feels like weathered skin or metal. Their strange raised surfaces activate the sensory nervous systems of touch and vision, reminding us of our longing to feel safe and cared for.

Jessica Dillon


Live Performance "Touchless Touching"

EYEBODYTOUCHFLOWROCK, Touchless Touching 2020 The Hive Art Community Space / Zoom Performance Proposal “Touch Without Touching” approx 10 minute duration


Using pre-recorded footage of a private performance where the camera was used to facilitate a touchless gesture of touching mind to body to environment, I will stream through another layer of “touchless touching” simulating the experience through the third layer of the screen, reaching through webcam and screen share via Zoom.

body eye touch flow rock between two rocks a gaze transports the breath follows between two banks of the river I wait breathing from my belly my guts the body flows where the mind will wander water rushes it breaks becomes a new composition streaking across glowing orbs shaped in mutual flow beneath fallen giants the parts reassemble pause and wait before streaming on again

Katie Earle




12x14 inch​


Katie Earle is a visual artist living and working in New York.  She has a BFA in Fibers from Concordia University in Montreal and has exhibited throughout North America.  You can also find her work on Artsy. 

Merging is a piece that was created from the warp ends that are left on a loom after a piece is woven. Inspired by artists who create form out of discarded materials, I reconsider the value of these pieces of thread through the act of care inherent in joining them together.  The result is a transformation of these disparate warp ends from waste into an article of beauty. Matter is never created or destroyed, yet it can always be transformed, and elements assembled become something far more significant than the sum of their parts.

Romina Gonzales


Sculpture and Live Performance

Romina Gonzales is a New York based, Peruvian interdisciplinary artist working in sculpture, video, installation, printmaking, writing and performance. Her work reflects upon themes of identity, politics, society, culture and perception by exploring experience through gestures that combine tangible and intangible materials.

She earned a B.FA. from New York University after previously attending Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Exhibitions include Intentos at Fundación Euroidiomas in Lima, Perú (upcoming), Vitraria Museum in Venice (2014), New SoHo Gallery (2014), Memorial Sloan Kettering Infusion Center (2015), the Agnes Varis Art Center (2014) and Fort Makers (2019) in New York. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, New York Post, New York Magazine, CBS New York, Hyperallergic, Sight Unseen, Remezcla, Revista Cosas and Casas, Glass Quarterly Magazine and New Glass Review by the Corning Museum of Glass. Collections include the Museum of American Glass (upcoming) and the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York. She has been a 2019 recipient of the CGCA Fellowship at Wheaton Arts and invited as a Craftsperson in Residence at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, WA for 2020.

Julia Justo


"Monach Butterfly in our Hand” 


“The Pachamama Code” 


“The Melting Path” 


Julia Justo's interdisciplinary work combines collage, photography and social practice. Using strategies drawn from the fields of education, research and community activism, she encourages participation and the collective imagining

Her mixed media works invite critical inquiry and examination of pre-colonial histories that takes inspiration from her own Argentinean Indian Heritage. 

Ariel Kleinberg

Live Performance "De Anima"


Ariel Kleinberg is a painter and performance artist based in New York.  She earned a BA in Ancient Greek from Vassar College in 2009 and an MFA in Painting from the New York Studio School in 2014. Upon graduating,  she was granted the Hohenberg Award for European Travel and set out on an odyssey through the UK, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and Italy. During this time she began a practice of ritual street performance. She documented these performances and her other adventures in a series of drawings which she exhibited in January 2015 at NYSS. Ariel has been an  artist-in-residence at the Triangle Artists’ Workshop and the League Residency at Vyt and has performed at events including Jam Fest, the LIC Arts Open, Radical Shakespeare, the New York City Poetry Festival. She is currently painting in her studio at Trestle Art Space, collaborating  with musicians, dancers, and filmmakers on set and costume design and is excited to be creating a special installation and performance  for the show “Artifacts” at One Art Space in December 2019.

Susan Luss


"In The Time Of Now"



Susan Luss, (b. El Paso, TX) is an interdisciplinary artist living in New York City, maintaining a studio in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Luss works with a range of found and other materials. She intermixes and assembles these, creating adaptable work engaging the architecture of space, environment, natural forces, and shifting light. 

Luss received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York, and her BFA in Studio Arts Painting from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. Luss has exhibited her work at various venues in the New York area and beyond, including Lowe Mill A&E in Huntsville, AL, Chashama in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition, The Knockdown Center, and Sideshow Gallery in Brooklyn, The Hole in NYC, Haverstraw RiverArts in Haverstraw, NY, Garner Arts Center in Garner, NY, Westbeth Gallery and The Painting Center in NYC, among others. Luss has curated exhibitions at Pratt Institute, Westbeth Gallery, and Aaron Davis Hall, City College of New York. 

Georgia Lale



Georgia Lale is a Greek visual artist with Anatolian heritage. Through her multidisciplinary practice, Lale explores the human body’s blueprint on the social and political realm of modern society. She received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts, NYC, and her BFA from the Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece. Her work was presented at the Greek Pavilion at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale. She is the recipient of the Goulandris Foundation scholarship and the School of Visual Arts Paula Rhodes Memorial Award for Exceptional Achievement in MFA Fine Arts studies.

In the show "Touching Without Touch", Georgia exhibits a series of hospital gowns that have written on them the mottos of the American States that have been hitten the hardest by the COVID-19. pandemic and the lack of a national plan to control the novel virus. "IN GOD WE TRUST" is the motto of the State Of Florida. 

Juan Miceli


 "00 Filtronica"


"LEF carne"


"Slow Cancellation Of The Future"


I am an audiovisual and sound artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My work develops on sculpture, coding, video installation and performing. In 2020, I ‘ve got a scholarship to take a two year master on Aesthetics & Technology of Electronic Arts at UNTREF University in Argentina. I am focused on the relationships among bioart, old and new technologies through research projects in collaboration with UNSAM (University of San Martin, FNA (National Fund for Arts) and CNDC (National Company of Contemporary Dance).

I am moved by a certain virality of making, a search that screams: my mask is my true face.

I ‘ve studied Fashion Design in University of Buenos Aires ( I usually work with textile (my own living tissue, textiles made of VHS tapes, artificial fabrics) as a matrix of programming.) I exhibit my video installations regularly at places such as  C3 Science Center, B. Rivadavia Natural Science Museum, Expressiones Cultural Center (New London, Us),  ThisIsNotAGallery, FNA, Museum of Contemporary Art - (MACA Junín), Museo de los Sures (NYC, Us),  Basement Town (Brooklyn (NYC), CCEBA, among other spaces.

Verónica Peña


Live Performance "Protected Creatures"


I am an Interdisciplinary Artist with a focus on Performance Art. My work explores global issues such as migration, border politics, cross-cultural dialogue, empathy, resistance, liberation, and women’s empowerment. My creative practice is motivated by a desire of challenging existing preconceptions, generating new understandings, and eliminating barriers to human unity. My work takes the form of live performances, video documentation, and photography; artifacts from my performances, and drawings are also part of my exhibitions. I use my performance practice to promote unity and social engagement. I feel we live in increasingly violent and unstable times, and I find important to counteract violence and fear by promoting art performances that inspire tolerance and understanding. In my work I use the public showcase of vulnerability and participation to explore issues of empathy and trust amongst strangers.