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Soft Riots 

Soft Riots is curated by Aneta Dodge and Kathie Halfin. It brings up the subject of the soft, vulnerability and agency. Soft as a material, character trait, feeling, texture, sensation, metaphor, a sign of strength, flexibility and adaptation to the extent of falling apart. 

Soft often identified with something pleasant also discloses/reveals the uncomfortable, awkward and carries the threat of flexibility and stretching to the extent of falling apart. 

Through performance art, mixed media, sculpture and installation artists convey what soft is or can be, the limits and agency behind it, within the context of intimate life in a living space.

Hive is a living space where artists and community co-create, communicate, and inhabit it.



Participating artists: Yasmeen Abdallah, Graciela Cassel, Donna Cleary, Basya Gozczynska, Klimentina Jauleska, Ben Pederson,

Yali Romagoza, Elizabeth Tolson, Emma Yi, Oya Damla, Vivian Babuts, Georgia Lale, Victoria Catherine Chan

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