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Press Release


The Hive Art Community is pleased to present the 2020 group show “Traces of Life” co-curated by Fang-Yu Liu and Kathie Halfin. The exhibition brings together the work of 15 artists that investigate data in their art practices and question how it shapes our world views and values.


“Traces of Life” features multi-disciplinary works including Internet and data-based art, performances, paintings, video, collage, interactive installation, 3D printed sculpture, interactive archive, and Instagram-based art. The exhibition presents works by Ahree Lee,
Art Jones,
Cayla Skillin-Brauchle,
Chin Chih Yang,
Eva Davidova,
Francesca Fini, Jana Astanov, Jaskaran Anand,
Juan Miceli, Maho Ogawa,
Natacha Voliakovsky, Sa Cha, Tara Foley, Ursula Endlicher, and Winnie Yoe.


The show links four strands and observations regarding data and technology: the first strand examines the biases and mistakes in identification systems; the second highlights the insecurity of privacy and information by emphasizing how social media re-defines our worldviews and ways we connect; the third one addresses the power of data and its interpretation depending on social and economic status; and the last strand speculates on the position of women in the technology industry. 



As algorithmic systems create a whole new landscape for us to perceive the world, “Traces of Life” responds to the burning topics of today and questions the existing models in the technology industry. Artists in the show are at once connecting with each other and the audience and empowering the marginalised voices. Simultaneously, they highlight how the system shapes human’s behavior by manipulating the information. The exhibition seeks to decentralize the power of the existing authorities in virtual and social spheres and to create possible alternatives for a more liberal digital space. 

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