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Virtual Matter(s) Schedules and lineups


January 15th, 7 pm-9 pm, Eastern Time


Susan Luss and Kate Quarfordt Bodies Of Our Time “Emotive Landscapes”


Dimple B A Ritual Of Transcendence-Finding A Divinity Within


Patricia Correa “Oxalá”


Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 875 0475 3583

Passcode: 270917



January 16th, 7 pm- 8:30 pm, Eastern Time


Roman Gaditsky “Replicant”


Kevin William Norris “A Few Coincidences”



Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 854 6704 6340

Passcode: 902156



January 22nd, 7 pm-9 pm, Eastern Time


 Video performances by:


Jojo “Vessel In Blue”


Angelo Madonna “Bod_j_ect”


Plastic. Affective Memory and Waste Collective “ASPHYXIA” 


Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 814 6136 8995

Passcode: 085686



January 23rd, From 7 pm-9 pm, Eastern Time


Juan Miceli “Diagolomotica”


Jeffery Byrd & Dek Stroke! (A Video Game)


Kofi -“Transcending Taste in c0d3 kitchen”


Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 811 2489 0906

Passcode: 273662






Virtual Matter(s) are online performance art series that focused on deepening the understanding of bodily representation in a realm of the virtual. 


Today as through year 2020, when social isolation is still our everyday reality, the construction of virtual social space has established a new dimension. When in the past internet was a part of our social reality, today it has become the reality. We no longer see ourselves outside of the virtual dimension. In this regard, performance art practices that are so deeply based on the representation of the physical body and its presence in space and around other bodies, have dramatically changed. While we still live bodily existence which is so similar to our predecessors, at the times of pandemic we have made several steps further towards the virtual space. In the realm of virtual the body looses its definition and borders, our identities shift, hybridise and become malleable. 


The Virtual Matter(s) questions how this experience transforms our way of thinking and what this re-orientation has to offer for performative practices. If we imagine the virtual space as an opportunity to construct a new performative space, what then are the new definitions of the body and its physical presence in this space? The term “Body Without Organs” coined by the philosophers Deleuze and Guattari offers a vast reservoir of potential traits, connections, effects, movements and it becomes deterritorialized socius — the wilderness where the decoded flows run free. What has the deterritorialized socius become in our reality of Zoom and other virtual spaces and social media platforms? How does the body react to the alienation that the digital engenders? How do we express the tension between longing for the sensory with its imperfection of organic and palpable and embrace the flat disembodied space with its quickly evolving social space and ethics. 

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